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Gender Justice Action
韓国では、11月12日、13日、G20サミットが開催されます。G20に向けて来週1週間は、さまざまな市民の集会が開催されますが、その中で、Gender Justice Actionが11月8日から10日まで開催されます。


Gender Justice Action

(We are planning to take place some programs during the people’s action week against G20. As a name of Gender Justice Action is co-sponsored by Korean Women's Alliance and Korea Women's Associations United with gender solidarity. There will be have common program and separate program each other. )

= Organizing Organizations : Korea Women's Associations United ,
Korean Women's Alliance,
Women's commission of Democratic Labor Party
World March of Women,
Via Compesina

= Proposal

1. [Debate] Growth-oriented development and the financial crisis impact on women

a. Date/ Place : 8th, Nov. 2010 1: 30 to 4 pm / Sokang university K hall
b. Organized by : Korea Women's Associations United
c. Program
1) title : Global demand for fundamental reform of economic structure
subject : Possibility of Care economy - Resercher Yun Jayoung from Labour Institute

2) title : Development based on sexual equality principles and rights
subject : Human-centered development - from GCAP

3) title : Discourse on Development. Growing and women's body
- from Gender Justice Summit, Canada

d. Format : Panel Discussion
- Three keynote speakers
- Inviting several panels from international and domestic experts and activists those who are participating People's Summit.
- The panel discussion all attended at the panel that

*** Simultaneous Interpretation will be provided **

2. [Strategy Meeting] Women and G20 Seoul Summit
a. Date/ Place : 9th, Nov. 2010. 10 to 12 am. / Center for Women's Future
b. Organized by : Korea Women's Associations United, Korean Women's Alliance,
World March of Women
c. issue : Meeting and discussion on
1) the Statement to the G20 meeting asked the women's movement
2) How to make strong relationship between us.

3. Journey to Peace
a. Date : 9th, Nov. 2010
b. Hosted by : KWA, kyunggi Jaju Women Alliance
c. issue : Struggle area against US military base around Kyunggi provonce
- visit the memorial meseum for struggle against US military base
- meeting with local area those who were struggle to protect their residence.

4. [Debate]
International women's forum against G20 summit strengthening poverty and discrimination
Looking for 'the alternative and resistance' against neo-liberalism

a. Date/ Place : 10th, Nov. 2010 from 11 am to 2 pm / Sokang university K hall
b. Organized by : Korea Women's Associations United, Korean Women's Alliance,
World March of Women, La Via Compesina
c. Program
1) Keynote presentation : How effect neolibaralim on women’s real life
and looking for the struggling derection 1, 2 ( WWM, KWA)
2) Case study
The 3rd world women’s reality and struggle against the exploitation of transnational corporation
( from Philipine)
3) Women worker’s reality at the free trade zone (from China)
4) Women peasant resistance opperessed by neo liberalism agricultural policy and their alternative ways (from KWPA, LVC)
5) International women’s struggle against expending militarism(from Japan, WWM)
6) Women’s struggle against internatioanal financal organizations such as WTO, IMF etc.
(from Pakistan)
7) The role of prograssive parties in struggle to improve the quality of women’s life (from DLP)

d. Format : discussion after presentation of speakers

Panels from abroad
 Fumi Suzuki : Space Allies activist from Japan
 Joanne Bernice Coronacion : APL(Alliance of Progressive Labor), Philipine
 Bushra Khaliq : WWHL(General Secretary Women Workers Help Line) ,
WWM IC of Asia region, from Pakistan
 Jean Enriquez : CATW-AP(Coalition Against Trafficking In Women – Asia Pacific) ,
WWM IC of Asia region, Philipine
- Mabel Au : past chair person of CAW (Committee for Asian Women), Chaina

5. [Press release] Voice from the women’s movement on the claim G20 meeting

a. date/ place : 10th, Nov. 2010 4:30 pm / Sokang university

b. Organized by : Korea Women's Associations United, Korean Women's Alliance,
World March of Women

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